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Welcome to Francine's Figurines!

If you have a vivid imagination, a love for art, and an appreciation of all things whimsical, then you have come to the right place.

Figurines are an important part of my life, and an important part of our history, and I believe that each and every one of them is alive and tells a story.

I created this site so I could both share my collection with others and provide a brief history of the amazing pottery companies represented in my collection.  

Please keep in mind that I am not a PhD in vintage figurines (yet) so please message me if you think I should add to or revise any of my current information.


(This site is updated with every new find so please visit again!)

Josef Originals Quail Family on Branch

Josef Originals Quail Family on Branch

"every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination, but just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so does the bright imagination of a child pale in later years if they cease to exercise it"

-walt disney

"i love bringing the inanimate object to life"

-john lasseter


"inanimate objects have a life of their own, especially when they are the daily companions of a living soul."  

-Jennifer Worth

Evan K Shaw - Bruno from Cinderella

Evan K Shaw - Bruno from Cinderella

Florence Ceramics - Elizabeth

Florence Ceramics - Elizabeth

"I am intrigued by inanimate objects. They're a piece of history, someone's statement and ideas of life."

-Mike Mills


Hagen Renaker Mr. Coyote

Hagen Renaker Mr. Coyote

Josef Originals Owl Family

Josef Originals Owl Family

Hagen Renaker Squirrels

Hagen Renaker Mrs. Coyote

Hagen Renaker Mrs. Coyote