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Roselane Pottery was founded in Pasadena, CA by William and George Fields in 1938. They initially worked out of their home and by the early 1940’s their figurines became very marketable and were available in retail stores. This success lead to the construction of a factory on Main St. in Pasadena, CA.

Their product line was very diverse; initially making candle holders and wall pockets they eventually moved on to making avant-garde animals figurines that were set on wood bases.

Roselane also made art deco animal figurines and added "Sparklers" eyes (gemstones placed on the eyes of the figurine). These models were very popular and many companies copied their designs; therefore, one must be careful when buying a Roselane figurine.

From 1945 to 1952 Roselane produced a very popular line called “Aqua Marine.” The pieces in this collection included items like stylized fish and other animals against a striking aqua or pink background.

The pottery company Hagen Renaker (see separate page) assisted Roselane with the distribution of their pieces from 1965 to 1967 and many ended up with H-R stickers. Other marks on Roselane pieces are indented stamps on the larger figurines and print stamps on the smaller ones.

Roselane relocated to Baldwin Park in 1968 following the construction of the 210 freeway in California and it remained there until 1974.

When William passed away in 1973 the company was sold to Prather, and after moving the operations to Long Beach, CA the company finally closed its doors in 1977.