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Overseas imports - primarily from Japan - were an ever present hurdle for the United States based pottery companies.

Many struggled during the years after WWII because so many Japanese companies copied their designs, imported their figurines, and then sold them to the consumer for half the cost.

Companies like Hagen Renaker, Josef Originals, and Freeman McFarlin were some of the most copied. 

As a collector I have learned this lesson the hard way a time or two, and have gained a lot of knowledge as to what for look for with all of the brands I collect; however, I discovered that some of the copies I accidentally bought were so amazing that I kept them as a separate collection.

Made in Japan Owls - Very similar to Josef Originals figurine's style.

Napcoware Japan Ducks - Outstanding copies of the Freeman McFarlin ducks. 

Impressive Josef Originals Mice Copies.

Hagen Renaker Copies

VERY Impressive Hagen Renaker Copies

VERY Impressive Hagen Renaker Copies

Hagen Renaker Copies

Made in Japan Cat - Obviously a Freeman McFarlin Copy

Made in Japan Skunks - Evan K Shaw Flower copy. 

Impressive Josef Original Copy - Note the Black Eyes

Josef Original Copy

Made in Japan Cow Family - Freeman-McFarlin copy.

Lefton Siamese Cat - Outstanding copy of the Josef Originals walking Siamese kitten (see picture in my collection).

Made in Japan Siamese Cats - Hagen Renaker/Josef Originals Copies?

Made In Hong Kong Kittens - Josef Originals Copies.

Hagen Renaker Copies