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California Originals

California originals


California Originals originated in 1945 as Heirlooms of Tomorrow in Manhattan Beach, CA. The ladder made very fine quality porcelain lace figurines of the Victorian age.

It is unknown when the company moved to Torrance, CA, but it was at this time when the company’s name was changed to California Originals. It is also hard to say why the company’s product line changed so dramatically, as the new products were a far cry from being fine and delicate figurines.

California Originals made an amazing assortment of edgy drip-glaze pottery, housewares, and giftware in very exciting colors. Their favorite colors to use were bright reds, yellows, oranges, greens, and browns; especially on their ash trays.

In regard to an identifier, there are many stamps from the company that include “Cal Orig,” a double “C” with “Originals” below it, and “Cal Style.” I have also seen some that simply say “California Originals” on the base. Many companies copied the style of California Originals, so it can be hard to determine what is and what isn’t, but looking for the mark(s) is a good start.

California Originals closed its doors in 1982.