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Evan K Shaw/Metlox

evan k shaw

creators of character


Metlox Manufacturing Company, one of the “Big 5” California potteries, was a manufacturer of ceramic housewares located in Manhattan Beach, California. It was founded in 1927 by TC Prouty and his son Willis Prouty and the company originally produced outdoor ceramic signs that could be used to support decorative neon tubing.

When TC past away in 1931 Willis renamed the company to Metlox Pottery ("metal" and "oxide" - a reference to the glaze pigments used in the manufacturing process). At this time the company began producing dinnerware, and dinnerware is what this company is known for, having produced hundreds of patterns over 62 years, many of which are still highly collectable.  

The Metlox Manufacturing Company was incorporated October 5, 1933. In 1946 Evan K. Shaw, of American Pottery in Los Angeles, purchased Metlox from Willis Prouty. American Pottery was destroyed in a fire in 1946. Shaw took his proceeds from the insurance to purchase Metlox Pottery from Willis Prouty.

In 1943, while at American Pottery, Shaw was awarded a licensee-ship to produce a range of Disney characters and these were made throughout the late 1940’s and mid 1950’s. Many Disney lines were made including Cinderella, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland (1951 to 1952), Snow White, and others. Lady and the Tramp was the last film they did figures for. Given these characters were only made for a short time, and were considered specialty, they are highly sought after by collectors and often go for hundreds of dollars.

When Shaw passed away in 1980 Kenneth Avery became the president and in 1989 Metlox's incorporation was terminated. The company’s 97,000-square-foot former site is now occupied by Shade Hotel and other businesses.



Cinderella in Rags


Baby Mouse

Baby Mouse

Cinderella Ball Gown



Prince Charming

"Mama Mouse"

Bobbidi and Bibbidi

snow white

Snow White









Faline - Head Out

Bambi - Head Up

Thumper - Foot Up

Thumper - Gray

Thumper's Girlfriend

Small Bambi and Faline

Faline - Facing Left

Bambi - Blue Butterfly

Thumper - Brown


Thumper's Girlfriend 

Bambi - Yellow Butterfly

Bambi - One Alert



Wise Owl

alice in wonderland


White Rabbit

Mad Hatter



Dumbo Flying


Baby Dumbo